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Hey all. You've found the icon journal of static_pixie. All subjects currently iconed are listed as interests. This journal is actually named after the fictional character in Francesca Lia Block's (amazing) short story Rave, and the text in the banner on this info page comes from that story. Strangely enough, I've never made icons from it. Feel free to friend me and don't worry if I don't friend you back because all icon posts are public.

1) No Hotlinking
2) Please Credit all graphics to rave_icons in keywords.
3) If I do post blanks, don't customize them unless I say it's ok.
4)Comments are always nice

morphean_icons // dreamscribe
psycho_fetish // scampster4
spiritevolution // starshone_storm
schematicgpx // zombiesmut
frozen_charms// x_super_snail_x
hexedcharm// shoopuf
bethyj_graphics// bethyj
petitemerci// faeriesfolly
aiken_4graphics// lastyearswishes
misty_creates// overstreets
fandom_fanart// j_p_fan
zeskimo// charming_syrai
brutal_dyslexia// jameserin

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